Why Work with People in Conflict?

I love talking with people, all throughout my life people have sought me out to work out their worries and troubles. I have developed a great understanding my desire better humanity and a means to do so by helping others resolve conflicts.

Helping others to resolve and reduce conflict is my purpose in this life.  Being able to talk and work people through difficulty is a natural place for me. It stems from a lifetime of experience and desire to help others. There is no greater reward for me than meeting people where they are, listening, then using creativity, imagination, conviction and sensitivity to create balance in their life.

The Beliefs and Value I bring to Conflict Resolution.

I’m Levi McMahon and I bring a holistic approach to solving conflicts outside of the costly and unnecessary court litigation process, often saying,  communicate, don’t litigate. A holistic approach honors that every human is made up of different physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects. Acknowledging that they are all a part of the personal conflict experience and also provide a means to move past it.

Mindful Mediation Practice

I am a yogi, a daily practitioner of mindfulness through yoga. I bring a higher level of awareness, empathy and compassion to those I work with in a personal conflict. Allowing me to be fully present and aware when working with people through a conflict.

The negative emotions that a divorce conflict brings out in all of us can strike deep into a person’s identity. Bringing deeply personal and strong emotional feelings that can shut down our ability to listen and use new information. We are left upset, our values and our beliefs challenged. My sense of compassion and insight offer you resolution to your conflict and the skills to reduce conflict in your life in the future.

We have a great capacity for change when looking through a lens of compassion and kindness. Sometimes all it takes a small shift in our perspective that bring a great amount of healing. My practice has taught me that we can be the agent of change through intention and manifestation of kindness and compassion.

The Value of Personal Experience

I choose this work because of my personal experience and belief that by doing what you love you inspire and awake the hearts of others.  My personal experience includes having the court decide the outcome of your divorce, parenting plan and the lasting effects high conflict has on a family. When I decided to get divorced I had no idea what I was in for and after years of litigation nothing changed, I can speak to both the experience of the legal process and its results.

Given my personal experiences with traditional approaches to litigation in divorce and business disputes, I know there is a better way to resolve conflicts instead of the adversarial legal court system. A conflict doesn’t have to reach a high level before a call to a professional can help, starting off with mediation or coaching will increase your communication and reduce chances for escalation.

My Expertise and Experience.

Levi McMahon is a certified family mediator with over 20 years of experience developing a deep understanding for my love of people and how we as people interact with each other. I have personal experience with high-conflict divorce and continually take advance professional training in conflict resolution. I have been a lifelong learner as well as teacher with thousands of hours of instruction. Prior to working with people in conflict I worked small and medium business and organizations in organizational leadership development, sales, marketing, finance and operations. Family business in divorce are frequent clients of mine with my background and training.

Levi McMahon’s Qualifications
  • Certified Mediator in WA state – Resolution WA, Pierce County DRC
  • New Ways for Families – Licensed Mediation Coach
  • Adjunct Graduate Faculty Member – Advanced Strategic Negotiation – Seattle Pacific University
  • Divorced – Single Parent
  • Basic Mediation Training Coach & Trainer
  • Dedicated to daily practice of meditation and mindfulness
Education & Training
Assessment Experience
  • Conflict Personality Assessment – CDP
  • Myers Briggs Personality Type Assessment Tool
  • Big 5 Personality Type Assessment Tool
  • Organizational Culture Assessment
  • 360 Leadership Assessment and Feedback