“My own personal experience has shown us there is a better way to resolve the parenting plan conflicts of divorce than through the legal system where decisions are made for us and money is wasted.”

A parenting plan is either assigned by the courts or mutually agreed upon by the parents. I believe that the latter is better for your family and your children during divorce. That’s why I am dedicated to helping families create a child centered parenting plan that works for their family.

Life changes throughout the year, and the changing needs of your children may prompt parents to change to their parenting plan. Some examples are:

  • A change in work schedule or employment
  • More age-appropriate schedules for growing children
  • A child’s changing needs
  • A parent moving or relocating
  • Remarriage of either or both parents
  • Changing schools or school schedules

Divorce Mediation with a certified mediator will guide you through a facilitative process to create a child centered parenting plan. Allowing you to express your concerns, feelings and ideas to change your parenting plan in a way that works best for your family, especially your children.

5 Tips to Create a Child Centered Parenting Plan

Changing a parenting plan is stressful for any family. Use these five tips to start work towards change.

  1. Write out the items, areas or issues you would like to address
  2. Communicate openly to the other parent
  3. Use examples and ask the other parent if they have noticed related events
  4. Offer more than one solution
  5. Be willing to negotiate

If you are unable to agree or think that having a mediator facilitate a conversation would help your family, contact me to schedule a time for your family. We offer flexible evenings and weekend appointments.

“We have both the personal experience of living with a parenting plan that made for us and helping countless families make changes to their current plans to better suit their family.