Conflict Coaching

Conflict coaching is for anyone in a conflict that would like help managing it in a healthy way.  It should be considered anytime there is a need to communicate and especially when an ongoing personal relationship is at stake.

Conflict coaching will empower you to:

  • Gain personal clarity in the situation
  • Bring awareness to your behavior and reaction tendencies to create constructive responses
  • Enable you to make confident and effective decisions to manage the dispute
  • Practice tough conversations
  • Listen actively and with confidence
  • Empower you to consider options, view other perspectives and create a plan of action to address the dispute

I am trained and experienced in coaching people through conflicts and disputes of all kinds. Contact me if you are involved in any of the following types of interpersonal conflict, you’ll be amazed by the power you hold to resolve it.

  • Family disagreements
  • Workplace disagreements
  • Business owner or partner disagreements
  • Community conflicts between its members